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Why Willpower and Exercise Are NOT The Key to Permanent Weight Loss

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had several times over the years when you’ve berated yourself for not being disciplined enough, not having enough willpower or just not doing ENOUGH when it comes to achieving your goals.  In particular this is a common condition for those of us who have struggled with weight issues over the years.

We’ve all heard, eat less, exercise more.  Right?  Well guess what?  That is exactly the wrong road to be taking.  Here’s why:

Depending on your weight, one hour of super intense exercise can burn around 350-500 calories.

Now of course if you’re overeating that amount on a daily basis, then that’s a great answer to maintaining your weight.  But if you have a lot of weight to lose, that will barely make a dent on losing more than a pound or so a week, and even then, you’d have to be working out almost every day.

I’m not saying forget exercise.

Exercise is great for the body and mind.  It helps reduce stress, boosts the immune system and helps ward off depression, often increasing energy levels and the ability to sleep well.  BUT, in order to lose a pound, you’ve got to burn 3500 calories.  So again, super intense 400-500 calories a day workouts basically add up to a pound a week unless you’re really cutting your calorie intake.  Those aren’t results that keep me going personally.

As far as eating less?  Once again, ALL WRONG.

That’s right.  I’m saying it.  ALL WRONG.  It’s not about eating less.  It’s actually about eating MORE.  A super high volume of the right foods like veggies, good fats, quality protein and 3 meals a day.  I now eat more volume than I did before getting on this bandwagon.

In order for the body to shrink those fat cells, it’s sending a 911, it’s triggering a chemical, hormonal response in the body that says “we need more energy”.

Losing weight is literally a stressful process. Energy stores are being depleted and that takes energy.  It also requires the right conditions for there to be rapid, safe, healthful weightloss.  The right conditions arise when you completely cut sugar and flour.  The result is your insulin levels stay flat.  

Insulin staying flat means your body will be burning energy reserves in tandem with the healthy fuel you’re providing.  Giving yourself high levels of fresh nutrients, getting your sweet on by eating only fruits in their natural state, and getting a good night’s sleep, will lead to success.  What’s more, you will LOSE those cravings.

As part of the weight loss journey, you weigh and measure your food for one reason and one reason only:  Psychologically most of us don’t really know when we’re full.  

We often overeat (hence the weight gain) and we overeat the absolute wrong foods. We also don’t eat ENOUGH of the right foods, so weighing and measuring helps there too.

If you’d like to know more about my plan, I invite you to subscribe and I’ll be happy to provide you with the details absolutely FREE. I’m losing an average of half a pound a day and feeling great.


xox Sara

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