What To Drink? My Top 3 Faves for the Summer

If you haven’t read last week’s post, I’m having shoulder surgery on Thursday. I’m calling it the trifecta shoulder because there are three different issues the surgeon will be addressing. I may only be out of commission for several weeks or it could mean being in a sling for a few months. Either way lots of physical therapy. So, if you don’t see posts from me in the coming weeks, please know I’m in recovery mode, and will be back as soon as I am able.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting as much gardening in as my shoulder will allow. During these warm sunny days, my thoughts turn to icy cold beverages. Here are my top three favorites:

I 💗 My SodaStream Crystal​


I drink sparkling water every day, typically at least a liter if not more. When I got tired of schlepping cases home from the grocery store and watching the recycling bin fill up too often, I decided to make my own.

This Sodastream Crystal comes with a glass carafe and each CO2 cartridge will make about 60 liters of sparkling water. This model is pricier than other SodaStreams, but I love the large size cartridge and the glass carafe. In the end, it’s much less expensive than buying multiple cases of sparking water! The cartridges cost about $14 and deliver 60 bottles, so the Sodastream Crystal pays for itself in no time.

My local grocery store has a recycling exchange program for the cartridges. With its slim design, it fits nicely on the counter.


I’m not a fan of plastic, so when there’s an option, I choose glass. While the plastic bottles are BPA free, plastic does break down over time. Plus, the glass is very easy to clean and the plastic top has a rubber seal to keep water fizzy.

You simply pop the glass carafe into the metal canister on the unit, and press the top button a few times. Release, Chill. That’s it! Squeeze some lemon or orange into the bottle for an all natural version of flavored sparkling water.

Iced Tea Without All The “Baggage”


A dear friend of mine brought this delightful collection of teas with her on a recent visit and I’m officially a convert.

The Republic Of Tea Ginger Peach comes with 8 large black tea bags, and each bag makes a full quart. So much more convenient!

You simply steep it for about 15 minutes and let it cool. Then, instead of tossing the bag in the trash, you can put these in your garden for your acid-loving plants. How cool is that?!


You can make the tea in one container by using a 1 quart mason jar. Once cooled, I use these plastic flip tops and chill in the fridge.

The lids create a tight seal, and offer a no drip pour. Note when ordering: Make sure you select the “regular mouth” for the 1 quart mason jars.

Since I use these jars for a lot of things, like iced coffee, chicken broth and different tea flavors, I bought these black labels and a Sharpie paint pen so everything is marked clearly.

Minty, Limey & Luminous!


I have “Mojito” mint that is rapidly becoming a bush in my garden. This mint pops with flavor with a little muddling.  To muddle, you need a mortar and pestle set. I prefer using one made from marble, like this one:

Simply toss in a few leaves and muddle. Put the leaves in a glass, add sparkling water and a little fresh lime juice or lime wedge. You can also add an orange wedge for a hint of natural sweetness.

And here’s another Luminous tip: Try adding a portion of your fruit to sparkling water for an eye-catching drink in lieu of cocktails. Try a few muddled strawberries or blueberries or frozen peach chunks.

Signing off for now, but hope to be back REALLY SOON! Love you all!

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  1. Kathy B says:

    Hi Sara, I’ll be thinking of you as you head into getting your shoulder better. I’ve been close to a couple of people who’ve also had shoulder surgery and both are hugely grateful afterwards. It is a unique recovery process and a brilliant opportunity to be in the position to receive love and attention.

    May the vulnerability you feel bring a new levels of trust and letting go.

    You rock, you Luminous gal! Thank you for bringing us all together and sharing all you do.

    Hugs from California,

    ps: I LOVE my SodaStream. Just got it last week (and 3 glass carafes). I like, too, that I can make it minimally fizzy.

    • Sara says:

      Dear Kathy, I can feel your beautiful energy through your beautiful words. Thank you for this gift. I will embrace and cherish it.

  2. Rita T Novello says:

    Dear Sara,
    I just had rotator cuff surgery in December, take the time you need to heal. I am feeling great now. Take care and sit in the sunshine when you can. Best wishes.

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