What Are You Feeding Your Spirit?

As I write this, I’ve come in from my first real day of gardening. Gardening was something I discovered later in life, when my kids were older and I could focus my weekends on the yard. I love mowing the lawn, getting on my riding mower and listening to one of my favorite playlists. This year, I am even more grateful for living in the country and finding peace in nature. I love putting my hands in the earth. I love raising my beautiful hydrangeas. I love the first gusts of that gorgeous spring air. I love the feeling I get appreciating all of the garden’s beauty.

When we first moved to this large property a few years back, it was overwhelming. There were trees to remove, poison ivy to wrestle with, and soil that had long given up its nutrients. It’s been a lesson in persistence and patience. I find my time in the garden to be something that truly fills me up.

This challenging time has called me to feed my spirit more, to spend time meditating more, to take time to appreciate more.

Now more than ever, I believe we are being called to bring our attention to the things that have gone untended, stripping away routine and socializing and going and doing. What can this moment teach us? How do we feed our spirit?

Filter what gets your attention.

The first thing I’m curbing of late is the news. I’m not suggesting we should be ill-informed, but there is a certain point where it reaches a level of toxicity. Social media has the same effect. There is a lot of anger right now, which is really fear dressed for battle.

I’m guilty of using social media to vent at times too. So the first thing on the list is to find other ways to be seen and heard that aren’t contributing to the negativity. I’ve started reaching out to friends and checking in on colleagues I’ve not spoken to in awhile. I’m writing more often in my journal and finding other paths to express myself creatively. When in doubt, walk it off.

Schedule time to feed your spirit.

When I’m working on a project, I am very disciplined. I schedule my days well. But in the absence of structure, I find it hard sometimes to concentrate or prioritize. This week I’m putting more on the calendar that includes slots for meditation, exercise, and prioritizing all of those “when I have time…” tasks that never seem to make it on the schedule. When you feel good, you accomplish more. There is space to breathe, to think and create.

Feed your spirit with music

If I wake up feeling anxious or I feel resistance to mediate, I use music to set the mood. I also walk listening to my meditation playlist. Create a playlist of  music that brings you joy or helps you get into a more peaceful mindset. This is my current playlist for meditation:

Feed your spirit by eating well

When we take the time to nurture our bodies, even in the smallest of ways, we connect with our spirit.  Practice mindful eating by resuming The Luminous Plan. Many feel an incredible energy shift within 5 days of starting or resuming.

Now is the time to get creative with meal prep. I’m cooking meals a lot more. Have fun with it by using what’s in your pantry. You can create simple but gorgeous meals. If you’ve got kids at home, engage them in helping with prep. With older kids, assign them a meal to make. Explore new recipes or dive into The Luminous Cookbook for more suggestions. Or, whip up your own. The other night my daughter made chicken marsala and it was out of this world! I felt so taken care of. Some ingredients were substituted and it was even more delicious!

If you’ve never grown your own herbs or vegetables, think about starting a container garden. If garden centers aren’t open near you, there are supplies available via mail order.

Reach for the positive

It is completely understandable that we are all feeling more anxiety, fear or anger. Pushing down those thoughts or being afraid of the negative thought itself will only magnify it. Instead, reach for a positive answer to the thought. If you’re feeling anxious about what’s going to happen next month with your job for instance, reach for something positive like, “I have faith in my ability to support myself.”  If you move toward thoughts of scarcity and lack, appreciate what you have right now. Changing your outlook and shifting your energy requires consistency. Notice the thought, then shift to a more positive thought, and notice how you feel. Each time you do, recognize you are connecting more with your spirit, which is love versus fear.

Collect Mantras that serve you

Mantras recited out loud can help you shift your energy. Create your own, or collect them from inspirational books or memes that resonate with you. Here are some of mine:

I am worthy of love and I receive it with grace.

Grace is the ability to move forward effortlessly with faith.

When I have faith, there is no room for fear.

When challenges arise, I say thank you to the Universe for giving me guidance.

Forgiveness is never about the other. It is about freeing myself from the past.

I release all shame and embrace the certainty I am love.

Miracles happen when I am in alignment with the Universe.

Obstacles are simply signposts for what my next step should be.

There is nothing more powerful than surrender.

Acceptance of what is happening now gives me clarity on what I want to change.

In my stillness all will be revealed.

Faith is knowing that all is well.

When I fall out of alignment, I choose again.

Today I release all judgment  and make room for compassion. I let love take the wheel.

When I bring in the energy of joy, I align with the highest good and all things are possible.

I choose to see the light in everyone I connect with.

It is a perfectly natural response to feel anxious or fearful during this time. We are not creatures who embrace the unknown easily. The key is knowing you have a choice in this moment right now to shift your energy and feed your spirit. Be vigilant about what you allow in, bring awareness to the negativity then consciously make the shift. Above all, take care of yourself. You deserve the extra care right now. Stay safe.

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    Thank you for this lovely post. I especially appreciate the mantras!

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