The Better Way To Hang Plates

I’m still figuring out the whole decorating/layering/accenting thing.  I was never one to buy lots of knick knacks or art for the wall just to fill some space.  I want everything in our home to have a connection to us.  One collection I do have is these plates.  This is no ordinary collection  plucked from a garage sale. These plates were hand painted by my Grandma.  They were the last project she worked on before she passed. She never had the chance to finish them.  Some had yet to get the gold rim.  And some she had just begun painting.  Two of them were signed, meaning they were finished.  The fact they were left unfinished makes them that much more precious.  One of the last things touched by her hands.

My Grandma was always making something.  She did ceramics, she knitted clothes for my Barbie dolls, and she made a lot of her own clothes. I feel blessed to be connected to both a Grandma and a Mom who loved to make things.  I think it’s why I love making things.  She passed shortly after I finished high school.  

In my previous home, her plates were in the eating area in our great room.  In The Manse, we don’t have a lot of open wall space in our kitchen/dining area, but I felt they belonged somewhere there.  And I wanted to hang them without using the plate brackets I had used previously.

The brackets weren’t that noticeable in the old house because they were fairly high up.  But in the spot I picked for the new house, they would be more visible.  

The solution came when I found these Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers on Amazon.  They come with an adhesive on the back that activates by wetting it and letting it sit for about 4-6 minutes.  They won’t harm the plate, and are completely removable.  I bought them in 2 sizes (3″ & 4″).  After I attached them to the plates, I let them sit overnight.  Then I tested them by giving a firm pull.  They were secure.

After some debate on where to put them, we chose 2 areas on either side of the transom windows in our eating area.  I convinced the husband we needed to tape out each area and play with the arrangement BEFORE putting lots of holes in the walls.  I try to follow the rule…measure twice (or 3-4 times in my case), nail once.  

I took some painter’s tape and blocked out each side.  Then I traced each plate on parchment paper (you could use any paper) and played with different positions on the wall.  Note this also helps save a marriage, LOL! 

Once we found an arrangement we liked, we realized the the plate already hanging on the adjacent wall (a wedding gift) was now looking too low, so we decided to put that on the same plain and boxed out that section of wall, which then of course meant the clock hanging on the OTHER side of the french sliding doors had to be moved.  

Then I put the husband to work putting up regular picture hanging nails.  I have a little PTSD around pounding nails into the wall.  Some of our walls are still plaster and there was once instance where I pounded a picture nail and chunks of the wall crumbled before my eyes (ah, old house love)   So I leave it to the husband, even with new drywall.

I love how the plates now seem to float effortlessly on the wall.  No metal frames around them. These disc hangers are genius! 🙌👍👏💪

I hope Grandma is looking down and happy to know we not only remember her in our hearts, we cherish and display some of the beautiful things she created while she walked the Earth. Miss you Grandma.


Parchment Paper

Disc Plate Hangers

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