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The 2 Minute Tool For Staying On Track

One of the hurdles in reaching any goal is when we go unconscious and make choices that are not in alignment with our vision. When we are out of alignment, we lose momentum.

How Do You Know When You’re Out of Alignment? 

If you’re feeling angry, judgmental, or depressed, know these are sure signs you’re out of alignment. If you’re grinding about how lousy life is, or how much better or worse you are than others, there is no room to find the stillness that lies under the chatter. Shifting back into alignment can happen very quickly. However, this is not a “one and done” deal, unless of course you are an ascended master 😜. 

Coming Back 

The good news is you can make the shift at any moment in time. You can choose to shift out of the chaos in your mind, and away from whatever isn’t in your best interest. And it takes way less time and energy than allowing yourself to go negative.

The 2-Minute Fix

There is nothing more effective in bringing you back to center than focusing on the breath. It is why, in any mediation practice, the breath is at the core. Whether or not you meditate, this 2-minute fix really works. 

To begin, simply inhale slowly for a count of 5. Hold the breath for a 5-count and exhale, counting to 5. 

As you feel your body release tension, extend the count to 10. Inhale for 10, hold for 10, exhale for 10. Repeat.

As you breathe, begin noticing what is happening in your body. Notice what in turn happens in your mind. As you breathe out, imagine all of the negativity being released. Feel that inner presence longing to be noticed. As you breathe, shift your thoughts to what is working right now. Reach for what is reasonable at this moment. 

If you began the exercise in an intense state, it may take more than a few moments to literally “catch” your breath, to let those thoughts dissipate, the adrenaline subside and allow more positive, higher vibe energy to enter.


You can return to this practice throughout the day. It is particularly helpful when you are feeling tempted to go off plan. It is a powerful alternative to emotional eating. When we are in alignment we are less prone to making choices that don’t serve us. It is also important to release judgment when you’ve not made great choices. This will help you stay more aligned going forward. Think of it as a reset button you carry with you throughout the day.

When we are out of alignment, we are not present

Here’s a great example of how easy it is for our mind to take the fast train to negativity: The other day I was invited to a baby shower. The invite was an electronic invitation.  A day or two later, I went to RSVP. I got the message “The event is full. Contact the host.” Hmm, I thought, there were only 10 guests listed. That’s odd. And then my thoughts turned to a “story” that was all too familiar.

I thought, wait, maybe they really didn’t intend to invite me and now they’ve rescinded? Perhaps it was an accident I was invited in the first place. My thoughts took a dive into the rabbit hole faster than I could say Peter Cottontail. I tried to RSVP a few more times, still no dice. I turned to the breathing, took myself out of the spin and resolved to deal with whatever the issue was the next morning.

The next day, I texted the host, letting her know what had happened. Turns out, there was a glitch with the invite site and they were working it out. I realized how my story, was just that. A STORY! It was a negative narrative I created  with a familiar theme at the center: I’m not wanted or included. Had I allowed my story to fester, I would have wasted most of my evening and still had it spinning the next morning. This is why it’s so crucial to recognize when negativity or judgment take hold and have tools at the ready to come back into alignment.  

The more you bring awareness to your thoughts, the more you begin to see how much energy and time that negativity and judgment are tapping from you. Think of the breathing as a your go-to method  with the goal of expanding the positive energy, the enthusiasm that comes with feeling aligned, and returning to the place within you that is abundance and love.

xox Sara

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