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How To Create A Luminous Container Garden

When I first moved to the country, I had grand designs on filling our large property with flora, evergreens and vegetables. The flora and evergreens are filling in beautifully. The vegetable garden? I found I had a lot to learn in these here parts.  

Our property isn’t fenced, We use a canine fence to keep the doggie safe. and deer are no longer an issue thanks to our doggie. However, little creatures like rabbits, groundhogs, rats, moles and mice can get to vegetables without a fence that goes underground. So I decided to create a container vegetable garden. This year I’m growing tomatoes for canning, zucchini (we use a lot of it being on Luminous) for “zoodles”, lettuce and herbs. 

Want to try this? First, acquire containers. I had these wine boxes sitting in the garage that my husband picked up from some local wine stores. 


In order to keep them from rotting out, I brushed on pure tung oil. Tung oil is a natural oil that has been used for centuries. It’s completely food safe (often used on butcher block counters), and super easy to use. Because this was raw wood, I used the tung oil straight without thinning. If you decide to do this make sure you use PURE tung oil, as other products often have additives. I used the one from the Milk Paint Company. I also used their citrus solvent to clean brushes. My husband drilled some holes on the bottom of the boxes for drainage.

Next, I needed something to put the boxes on. I used an old bench that we found in the basement when we purchased the house. Turns out the bench is over 100 years old and was used in the church across the street. Our house was formerly the manse (the minister’s house). I sanded and treated this with tung oil as well.


Once the boxes and bench were dry, I lined the wine boxes and other pots with landscape fabric to prevent the dirt from falling out. All of the veggies and herbs purchased are organic. I bought organic potting soil as well.

To keep the insects away, rather than spraying the veggies with chemicals, I’m using marigolds and geraniums planted around or in some of the containers. Fingers crossed this will do the trick! I got the large plastic containers for free from my local garden center. For zucchini, I planted one per large container. The same for the tomato plants. The red metal ladders help keep the tomato plants from falling over. They are super sturdy.


Last but not least, I used these cute black labels and a Sharpie paint pen


Container gardening can be done whether you have an acre or an apartment, and what I love is even when I’m busy with work, this is easy to maintain. This will be my first year growing zucchini. Everyone says I will have it coming out of my ears, but I’m told it’s fairly easy to freeze, and with all the “zoodles” I make, I’m looking forward to an awesome harvest. Interested in trying this out? Check out your local wine store and grab some free boxes. Many local nurseries will often have extra large plastic pots they will give to you for free. Sources for other supplies below! Happy Gardening!

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  1. Lynn DiPirro says:

    That’s awesome Sara! Thank you for all the information. We’ve been wanting to do a veggie garden, but it seems like too much work. This is something that is manageable. Good luck with your harvest!

    • Sara says:

      Thanks Lynn, it is definitely a lot more manageable! I started small, just doing some herbs and one tomato plant. This year I got a little more serious because I really want a lot of tomatoes to make my sauce. Go for it! Let me know how it works out. xo

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