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How about some gorgeous Luminous recipes? The Luminous Cookbook contains over 95 recipes designed to fit within your sugar and flour free lifestyle, plus it contains lots of tips and tricks for the Luminous plan! These recipes are also fit for the FAA, FA, OA and all other flour & sugar free weight loss programs.

And guess what?! You don't have to do the math! Each recipe clearly shows serving size and all of the food portions for protein, fat, vegetable, fruit and starch on The Luminous Plan

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Sara Nichols

Over 25 Menu suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can keep things interesting.

A complete list of all the Luminous-friendly fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats and starches.

The NEW and improved Luminous Basic & Maintenance plans

Store the book on your computer, iPad or phone in your favorite PDF reader for easy access.

The Luminous Weekly Food Tracker to easily plan and track meals.

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Over 95 recipes+

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"Having this cookbook takes the obsession out of preparing for meals. No more sabotaging my progress because of 'guesstimating' recipes! A really fantastic tool! Thank you!"

- Vania Z.

"There's so much variety, yet simplicity! And the math is all done for me! "

"We've already had pan fried vegetables, on the go cookies, pizza and more. Really brilliant and makes keeping on the plan so easy.!"

- Bee b.

"My husband was a chef and hates cook books with a vengeance so I was very surprised that he loves this one.  "

"None of the food in this cookbook triggers my former unhealthy eating habits. I do not feel compelled to snack between meals or indulge in "treats. We are trying to eat plant-based 80% of the time, and there are good choices in this book for that."

- mickey h.

"Most of the recipes in this book work very well for my family."

"I am so glad I ordered this cookbook! A few of my favorites are the That's Bananas Bread, Awesome Sauce, and Turkey Meatballs.. She also includes all food values to make tracking your food super easy."

- julie d.

"Sara has compiled an amazing assortment of recipes that make following the Luminous, or any healthy lifestyle, a cinch!"

"Before, to stay within the lines of sugar and flour free food I would eat chicken breast, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs and nuts. You get the idea. Safe but boring food choices! Now I eat delicious meals."

- Silvia L.

"Thanks to Sara's 'LUMINOUS' Cookbook ,I have an amazing variety of breakfast , lunch and dinner dishes."

"I've made a cauliflower recipe from your Cookbook, and like the other recipes, it was a winner I will make again and again. All good, yummy, wonderful! Thank you so much!

- Michele R.

"Even hubby loves everything I've made so far from your cookbook. "

"I have made the marinara which was great, and the cauliflower mash which my entire family enjoyed and ate right along with me! Directions are easy to follow too!"

- theresa m.

"Thank you Sara. YOU ARE AWESOME! Your cookbook will make life so much easier with so many yummy recipes! :-)"

"Sending you a big hug and huge gratitude for all the work you put into creating this wonderful tool for us all!"

- gisele b.

"Although just a newbie to the plan....I am very glad I ordered this cookbook. Simple ways to make "the basics" tasty.!"

"The sample menu suggestions have been helpful. My grandchildren age 6 and 5 love your SANE Chile and asked me to give their parents the recipe(-; admittedly, this is the best tasting plan I have ever been on!

- kathy w.

"This is a great cookbook. Its science is clear and what a great resource it has been to me"

"Also the oatmeal breakfast cookies are one of my go to breakfast treats."

- nancy e.

"This is a great cookbook. I love the shrimp scampi with spaghetti squash!"

"This is a must have!!"

- sherri l.

"Love this cookbook!"

"One of my favorite recipes so far is the the oatmeal & banana cookies."

- daphne h.

"This is my go to cookbook. "

"A must if you want to follow a Luminous life!."

- jennifer d.

"The cookbook is wonderful!!! It keeps you on track with GREAT menu ideas."

"Very happy!"

- kris D.

"Love how this makes everything so yummy!!"

"I love the pancakes! Still exploring the recipes, but have not found one yet that I did not care for!"

- Alexandria B.

"Love the cookbook!! I am down 5 lbs in week one."

"I already have a sense of freedom around food!! Thank you!!"

- krista c.

"Great recipes and a quick guide to how to do The Luminous as well."

You Deserve Delicious

Beautiful recipes & Menu Ideas 

When it comes to releasing weight, everything you do should be something sustainable. You deserve to make healthy eating delicious, so I wrote a little cookbook. 

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How do I download?

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I’m trying to download on my iphone or ipad and can't see where it's saved. What do I do?

I’m trying to download on my iphone or ipad and can't see where it's saved. What do I do?

I recommend you check to make sure you have the iBooks app (it’s free in the app store). The cookbook is a PDF file and can be saved to iBooks. 

I downloaded an earlier edition but now that link doesn't work anymore. Where can I get the new version? 

I downloaded an earlier edition but now that link doesn't work anymore. Where can I get the new version? 

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I ordered the cookbook but changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

I ordered the cookbook but changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

We recommend you check out the sample of the cookbook before ordering as there is a complete listing of all the recipes and some samples of actual recipes. If you ordered by mistake, we are happy to refund the purchase as long as you have not Once you click "download", there are no refunds. 

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How do I get the latest edition?

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