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In other words, I am NOT  JUST ONE THING... and neither are YOU.

Hi! I'm a Video Content Creator, Website Design Freak, Vintage Home Renovator, Writer, Mama, Wife, and Dog Lover 


Sara Nichols

My passion is creating beautiful images for every screen: television, music, advertising and websites. 

I was a small town kid who wanted to be in show business, so I headed to New York straight out of college with $500 and a dream.  I had no idea what I was going to do, but something in me (intuition?) said "head to NYC." So, without any clue about where I'd live (couch surfing for a week) or what I'd do (so many doors knocked), I landed my first television gig. On the side, I was making music, performing and writing. But it wasn't until I got my first directing job on a music video that I figured out my superpower.

I'm really good at supporting people on camera feel safe and at ease in order to be seen in their best light. Over the years I've gotten to interview and tell the stories of some extraordinary humans and have collaborated with hundreds of creatives behind the camera. Eventually I started  my company, Emotional Pictures, and expanded my work to include advertising and web design.  

I married my soulmate and we bought our first house: The 1897 Queen Anne. Thus began my obsession for renovating homes from the 1800s.

To date I've renovated 2 homes (the current one is older than the last), spending tons of time researching and figuring out how to get the most out of a budget (hmm, just like making TV!) and keeping my marriage intact. If you've ever renovated anything you KNOW what I'm talking about! 

The Queen Anne: Before & after her makeover

tales from the renovation trenches

I began to realize my passion for branding and curating. Whether it's video content, photography,  or renovating the farmhouse (AKA The Manse), i've learned a lot about how to approach creative work, and figure out the story I want to tell.

My greatest joy is helping others find their joy. Perhaps it's figuring out a plan for your living space, or how to show up more beautifully in your online space, or capturing the perfect version of you in video or photo. 

we are not just one thing.

My two kids still stand as the best thing I've ever helped to create. Isn't it amazing how much our children and teach us? 

My husband is truly my soulmate, partner and best friend. And of course, our latest addition to the family gets a plug here too: Ellie the mini goldendoodle is our adorable pup.

Family is my rock.

There was one thing I neglected...

From around the age of 5, I began to have issues with weight. I struggled through high school and into my 20s always battling the scale. It simmered under the surface of virtually everything I did. After all, I worked in a very visual, image-oriented medium, and even when I got close to goal, I never felt good in my body.

Cut to: two babies later and a diagnosis of Hashimoto's (my body was attacking my thyroid) and my weight ballooned. So did depression and fatigue. I was incredibly tired all of the time. I was incredibly self-conscious all of the time. I tried every diet and nothing worked - at least not long term. So I did what I do for everything else in my life and I began to research and figure out a plan and lose 100 pounds. I named her The Luminous.  

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First tv job in NYC included an on-camera role as monkey hands. #youcantmakethisshitup

#guiltypleasure: I am addicted to house porn. When I scroll through Zillow I imagine what I would do to each house. This scares my husband.

I think ghosting should be a federal crime. #manners

Fashion sense is influenced by Steve Jobs: Black shirt, jeans and Vans. And I love a good yoga pant. I'm working on it.


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I totally geek out over website design, and recently developed an obsession with fonts. 

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