The Luminous Plan

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If you're  tired of dieting and the constant battle with food, this plan just might work for you because it gets to the very core of the issues keeping you from that big goal. 

We've all been there:  It's an endless cycle of promising "this time will be different." Then, you hit that slippery slop and slide off the rails.  

I get it. And you know what? One size does NOT fit all. With Luminous, you use the basics in the first 8 weeks to feel into what works for you. Then you tailor your plan. 

Imagine a plan you can learn to do without thinking much. Imagine having more automaticity when it comes to you and food. Imagine developing new habits that actually stay with you. 

Sara Nichols

Certain foods trigger a binge

You've had difficulty controlling cravings on other weight loss plans

You have Hashimoto's or Hypothyroidism

You have inflammation issues or joint pain

You want a sensible plan that doesn't require pre-packaged food or supplements

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is it right for you?

the luminous plan is right for you if...

You're tired of feeling deprived

You don't want to fork over big bucks to another program

You're concerned about staying on a Keto diet long term or find eating Paleo too limiting

You're tired of going it alone, and want support without going to meetings


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End Cravings & Embrace More Joy

The Luminous Plan